Teddy Bear Picnic

We had a very fun class picnic last week as a reward for our excellent behaviour over the last term. We even managed to find a bit of sunshine for it! What do you think of our selfie skills?

9 thoughts on “Teddy Bear Picnic

  1. I loved our class picnic,I can’t wait untill we get 20 dragonflies again. It was so much fun everybody had lovely teddies. X

  2. I really enjoyed the class picnic and so did curly Ted! Especially the cakes……yum, yum! 🍰

  3. I liked the picnic especially when we got to have a play with our teddies. Also I liked the food and drinks. I hope we can do it again soon 🐵😍😄🤡

  4. I had lots of fun at the teddy bear picnic, I can’t wait until we get our next treat! The park will be so much fun! 😀

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